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Welcome to my personal web space. i am Miyuru Prsanga Gomes live in colombo and i am 27 curently working as web developer @ central reservation systems (pvt) ltd. I am availeble for any kind of developing project. I am currently working at sri lanka hotels project and developing skills AJAX , JS , new SEO methods

  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • Script installer

if you like to hire me for any project feel free to contact me. PAWASA is our email marketing and web hosting site.please visit their for more information.

A selection of my most important pieces of work. Click on tbe thumb to launch the preview. Alternatively you could link this to the actual resource.

  • www.sarasi.net
  • www.wetalks.com
  • www.sadahamsuwaya.tk
  • www.masksariyapalasl.com
  • www.pawasa.com
  • www.xtreme-designers.tk
  • www.coolmachan.info
  • www.agapao.org
  • www.oscoode.com
  • www.raviarts.org
  • Blue Moon
  • Clarity

My Details

398/9 Bogahawila, Kottawa
Colombo, Srianka

Phone: +94 (077) 268 9192

Fax: +94 (077) 268 9192

Website: www.miyuru.info

E-mail: info@miyuru.info

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